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Add some sparkle to your event with glitter tattoos! Enchanted Wonders offers a wide variety of glitter tattoo designs that are perfect for adding a touch of magic to birthday parties, festivals, and special events. Our safe and non-toxic glitter tattoos are a hit with kids and adults alike, adding a fun and unique element to any occasion.


Perfect for those who want to shine for several days. Choose from a variety of tattoo designs and glitter colors to create a design that is unique just like you! These sparkly tattoos will last 3-7 days(waterproof) Pat dry for a longer lasting tattoo! 

Glitter tattoo glue and body adhesives are safe when used as directed. Glitter tattoos can go on arms, legs, backs & shoulders…anywhere but the face. To remove simply use baby oil or alcohol. We use only high-quality products that are safe for use on the skin.


Glitter Tattoo Parties

2 hrs min - $250

2 hrs:  25-30 tattoos 

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