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Soul Recovery Coaching 

Most people must wonder, what is a soul recovery coach? there are many different meanings.

 or thoughts to this. the best way to put it is really no different than 

 a dr. coaching you with your health, a coach for a sport to help you.

  learn how to play the game, and a teacher for your education. a soul coach does the

 same, but with your soul.

I can help you to attain your full potential of who you really are after working through.

 your fears, worries, trauma's, conditioned belief's, habits and patterns in the many areas of your life.

  taking this step in recovering your soul is not to be taken lightly or that it's easy. I go into

 area's that most people would never tread or will want to look at or accept. but it is here.

 where we find the origin of what has been holding you back from being your true self.

when working on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level's this is where you start.

 to reclaim back those broken pieces of yourself you lost over the years. each individual

 person will experience this recovery differently from the other. 

I am a raw, blunt.

but loving and a

 compassionate coach, who will not hold back on helping you to be who you truly are after

 we peel away the many layers that are holding you back from being your authentic self.

knowing thy self is the greatest gift we can give ourselves; this is one of the biggest things as to why we are here having these experiences. it's our reconnection with God that has been lost due to seeking outside of ourselves, whereas going within is where we find God and who we are. all is not lost; it just needs to be found and unlocked.

all sessions are 60 minutes and are on donation bases. 

every soul should be able to receive that which is their God given right to live life to the

 fullest and without having to suffer, worry or always feeling or being in a state of fear.

to book appts call Kelly 610-419-4765

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