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Classes We Have To Offer

All Class Packages require a deposit to hold the space


Usui Reiki Degrees/Levels

The First Degree:  is a basic introduction to Reiki, including the all important four "attunements" (energy activating sessions) which enable the student to channel Reiki energy for the rest of his or her life. the student is also given a simple lesson demonstrating a whole body treatment, and detailed hand positions.


the second degree: an advanced level of study, where the student is taught how to intensify the flow of energy. at this level reiki works faster and at deeper levels. In addition to receiving two more powerful attunements, the student learns how to transmit this healing energy over any distance and time, penetrating the space- time barrier; how reiki works with the subconscious mind to help eliminate unwanted habits and enhance talents; how reiki can be applied to ideas and situations; and how reiki can help to heal the past and enhance the future. reiki at this level, is an excellent tool for getting at the bottom line of one's mental, spiritual, emotional or physical disorders.


the third degree: is the master level. at this stage, the candidate/ student has already accumulated vast experience in using reiki at the prior levels, and goes on to learn the esoteric traditions and rituals which enable him/her to work in the highest level of reiki energy. the master level has two parts: practitioner and teacher.

practitioner: this class is for level 2 reiki practitioners who wish to increase their reiki power and work with master level reiki energy. it is also prerequisite to becoming a teacher. the student will receive the usui master attunement, which dramatically increases the reiki flow, learn the usui master symbol and receives instructions on how to utilize this and other symbols for increased intensity of the reiki energy.


teacher: this comprehensive training is for level 3 reiki practitioners who want to teach the gift of healing to others while increasing the strength and knowledge of their own reiki. this course includes the powerful reiki master/ teacher attunement, healing meditations, and complete instructions on how to teach reiki and empower others with the ability to channel the reiki energy.


Please call for further details and information for each class. Students of all ages are welcomed, Even young children. there is additional requirements for each Reiki degree/level.

 Contact Kelly at



Candle Magick Class

Candle magick is a form of sympathetic magick in which the practitioner uses a physical item and element

to represent a specific goal or need. In this class we will pick a specific candle color, set an

intention, learn how to dress our candles, charge them and ignite them with purpose!

We will also learn the magick and medicine of fire as to respect it properly and 

will discuss prayer work and its importance.

Lastly, we will learn how to properly

read candles based on how they

burn, the shapes the wax takes 

on and so much more!


$30 per person







Back to Basics Class

(for all magick, medicine and energy practitioners)


Youd be surprised how many times I come across



teachers, witches and medicine men/women who don't practice basic

prayer, grounding, 

shielding, anchoring or meditation! In this full-length class, you will get

back to the basics of:




And protecting yourself

You will also learn the basics of meditation and prayer!


$28 per person










Discovering Your Inner God/ Goddess


We all seek out one way or another, certain God's, Goddesses or deities for guidance, strength,

and assistance. But what if YOU were to go inward and seek the God/Goddess within


Come circle with Kelly and discover the God/Goddess that YOU are!

* What would your gifts and powers be?

* What would people call on you for?

What name would fit your inner God/ Goddess?

* What would his or her strengths be?

* What would YOU be the God/ Goddess of?

All of this and more can be explored during this immersion!


$ 45 per person

All classes can be taught privately or in groups.

Call for further details!



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